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Sunday September 29, 2013
Sheridan College - Brampton - 7899 McLaughlin Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 5H9
St. Augustine Catholic - 27 Drinkwater Road, Brampton, Ontario, L6Y 4T6



The JUEL of Ontario; Canada's only Provincial League with franchises from Windsor to Ottawa is entering its fourth season of play. The 2014 season will include the addition of the JUEL Prep division (grade 9/10 players) bringing the total number of teams to 32 (14 JUEL, 18 JUEL Prep) and roughly 384 players. After 3 seasons of success JUEL is looking forward to the next stage of growth and helping players get to the next level.


JUEL is looking forward to its inaugural Northern Exposure Event; team commitment has been better than anticipated thus forcing us to add a second location to facilitate all of the games. This year's event includes JUEL and JUEL Prep teams from Ottawa and Windsor showcasing players who would not normally make the trip to central Ontario as well as teams from the Greater Toronto Area. Listed are the committed teams and their bios including players to look for. We look forward to seeing many coaches from the NCAA, CIS and OCAA levels and are excited about developing the event into the Premier Event in the Province every fall.


The event will include 2 courts at Sheridan College - Brampton and 1 court at St. Augustine Catholic which is located a 5 minute drive away. Game times will be identical on all courts - 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Coaches should visit www.juel.ca for the final schedule prior to the event. Games will consist of 2 - 16 minute halves; the Peel Referees Association is using the event as a camp for their new Officials in an effort to help get them ready for their season.




Coaches Packages will be available to all NCAA, CIS and OCAA Coaches at both locations.

  • NCAA, CIS, OCAA - $100.00 per package
  • CIS, OCAA - 2014 JUEL partners receive packages at no cost
  • CIS, OCAA - $100.00 per package, but if they purchase the 2014 Recruiting Guide later ($225.00 value) their cost for the Guide will be $150.00.



1 Sheridan - Court 1 9:00am JUEL Prep Brampton Warriors Caledon Cougars
2 Sheridan - Court 2 9:00am JUEL Prep KW Lightning North Toronto Huskies
3 St. Augustine 9:00am JUEL Prep Niagara JUEL Toronto Triple Threat
4 Sheridan - Court 1 10:00am JUEL Barrie Royals Hamilton Transway
5 Sheridan - Court 2 10:00am JUEL KW Lightning Ottawa Nationals - GCBA
6 St. Augustine 10:00am JUEL Niagara JUEL Windsor Valiants
7 Sheridan - Court 1 11:00am JUEL Prep Barrie Royals GCBA Wolverines
8 St. Augustine 11:00am JUEL Prep Sultan Prospects Windsor Valiants
9 Sheridan - Court 1 12:00pm JUEL Prep Brampton Warriors KW Lightning
10 Sheridan - Court 2 12:00pm JUEL Prep Caledon Cougars Niagara JUEL
11 St. Augustine 12:00pm JUEL Prep North Toronto Huskies Toronto Triple Threat
12 Sheridan - Court 1 1:00pm JUEL Niagara JUEL KW Lightning
13 Sheridan - Court 2 1:00pm JUEL Windsor Valiants Hamilton Transway
14 St. Augustine 1:00pm JUEL Ottawa Nationals - GCBA Barrie Royals
15 Sheridan - Court 1 2:00pm JUEL Prep Barrie Royals Windsor Valiants
16 St. Augustine 2:00pm JUEL Prep GCBA Wolverines Sultan Prospects
17 Sheridan - Court 1 3:00pm JUEL Prep KW Lightning Toronto Triple Threat
18 Sheridan - Court 2 3:00pm JUEL Prep Niagara JUEL Brampton Warriors
19 St. Augustine 3:00pm JUEL Prep Caledon Cougars North Toronto Huskies
20 Sheridan - Court 1 4:00pm JUEL Hamilton Transway KW Lightning
21 Sheridan - Court 2 4:00pm JUEL Niagara JUEL Ottawa Nationals - GCBA
22 St. Augustine 4:00pm JUEL Barrie Royals Windsor Valiants
23 Sheridan - Court 1 5:00pm JUEL Prep Sultan Prospects Barrie Royals
24 Sheridan - Court 2 5:00pm JUEL Prep Windsor Valiants GCBA Wolverines




  • The 2014 Barrie Royals Juel team can best be described as versataile. The team consists 9 players who can play just about any position on the floor. The guards Samantha Loucks, Alex Hay, Samantha Robertson, Marianne Alarie and U15 sensation Mikaela Brewer can all play the 1 or 2 spot and all shoot both the midrange and long ball very well. Look for this group to make good decisions in transition and make collapsing defenses pay! The forwards (Lindsay Edward, Taylor McAlpine, Megan Smith, and Katharina Holt) can all play with their back to the basket; stretch their opponent to the 3 point arc; and all can put the ball on the floor and attack. Newmarket Denison product Sam Kordez, along withAugust Ricketts and Allyson Schweitzer, will prove to add some signigicant strength and power with their back to the basket power forward play as well as their excellent midrange games. The Barrie Royals offensively will be an opportunistic up-tempo ball movement, people movement team that will move the ball from side of the floor to the other very quickly and present many teams with difficult matchups. This is a team with collectively a very high basketball IQ. The Royals will look to lead the league in charges taken again this year and be very physical and scrappy on the defensive end.
  • Players to look for - Point Guards Samantha Robertson and Marianne Alarie, Shooting GuardsAlex Hay and Samantha Loucks and Forward August Ricketts.


  • Hamilton Transway is coming off a strong 2013 season where they won the "JUEL Grads" trophy with a young group. Although some of their top players cannot attend this event due to other basketball commitments, coaches will be please to see a very good group of players including Guards Jackie Wilkinson, Sam Hall, Brittany Roberto and Haley Bowie. In addition to Forwards Adrienne Peters, Becky LeBlanc, Alyssa Barry and Quincy Sickles-Jarvis.


  • One of the top All Women's Basketball program in Canada, graduated 14 players in 2013 to play at the University or College levels in Canada and the US.
  • 2014 JUEL team members won Division 1 Ontario Cup Gold Medal at the grade 10 level.
  • Players to look for - Guard Kendra VanLeeuwen, MVP at U15 Nationals, 2013 Niagara University Summer Camp All Star, and the Wright Twins Post Candice and Courtney Wright.


  • Niagara JUEl brings together 12 of the best women basketball players throughout the Niagara Region. Their players have experienced success at the National level with Team Ontario, in the Provincial level through OBA and OFSAA as well as the International level through US tournaments with the Brock Academy. Their team will be exciting to watch with an excellent combination of skilled and hard working athletes.
  • Players to Watch- Nancy Kessler- Team Ontario player. Tall and athletic. Bridget Atkinson- Team Ontario player. Strong ball handler and defender who has great court vision.
    Morgan Rosts- Great rebounder and unparalleled work ethic and compete level.


  • As the JUEL Grads trophy winners in JUEL's inaugural season, Ottawa has gone through a transition and is excited about the 2014 season. A season that will include a good crop of grade 11 players including:Crista Dodd, Alexe Wilson, Andreanne Ennis, Myriam Fontaine, Veronica L., Tyra B. and Brooklyn M. and grade 12 players including: Julia Dostaler, Katie Murphy, Nicole Istead, Ashley B-Pand Sarah Shewan.


  • The Windsor Valiants have a long rich history with Ontario Basketball. They've also been part of JUEL since the first season and have been well represented the past 3 seasons. The 2014 season will include a regional team after the merger with St. Clair JUEL. This group will have several strong players to look out for.




  • This team has been together for several years. All home-grown and developed through the Barrie Royals organization. The team is consistently in the top 5 teams in the Province. A team that works hard on balanced scoring plays an upbeat style with a fast breaking offense and multiple pressing defences. The roster includes: Gillian Hay, Ella Chilton, Sheridan Anderson, Katie MacIntosh, Leah Fahey, Rachael Pigott and Danielle Hopper.


  • Brampton Warriors have a long history of producing NCAA, CIS and National team Players. The team finished in top 12 in Division 1 in Grade 9 and also travelled to the US this past summer.


  • This group has young quick guards who played up last year as grade nines and finished in top 8 in Division 1 in Grade 10, should do that same this year.


  • A team with high expectations built for the long-term with a good balance of grade 9 and 10 players. Grade 9 players include: Michelle Istead, Marin Scotten, Amani Y. Lewars, Alysha Pinck, Shannon Patricia Lebreux and Eve Uwayesu. The grade 10 players include: Shelby Hanna Grace Bebee, Erada Meto, Kylea Galipeau-Wilson, Sarah Gellately, Ciara Carey, Eva Kuhar and Jelena Boskovic.


  • Won Division 1 Ontario Cup Gold medal in Grade 9 in 2013
  • Players to look for - U15 Team Ontario Member's Guard Nyamouch Teny and Foward Tara DeBoer plus U14 Team Ontario member Emily Glendinning, Niagara University Summer Camp All Star PostJulianna Thomson


  • An up and coming group of players looking to make some noise this upcoming season. Coached by Whitney Gorges, the roster includes: Sam Keltos, Elise Euale, Annissa Rizzo, Maddy Gojmerac, Ally Peek, Lexy Parkin, Jenneke Pilling, Sarah Behring, Olivia Khounviseth, Leah Bracken, Megan MacLeod and Erin Kenny.


  • This group finished in Top 8 in Grade 9 last year and has high expectations for the 2014 season.


  • Toronto Triple Threat JUEl Prep team has been together as a core squad since playing Novice-age (7, 8 & 9yr. olds). During those formative years they have competed at the OBA Division #1 level of competition earning 2 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold Medal at the Provincial Championships. In the summer of 2012, Triple Threat represented Ontario at the Eastern National Championships taking home the Gold after an impressive display of dominance going 5-0 while outscoring their opponents by an average score of 35+ points. This is an explosive team which can play on the perimeter or in the paint. Although it's fair to admit that the team compliment is made up of a well-rounded group of individuals (they have also signed on three new additions) who all understand their roles, they also must highlight the dominant play of three individuals who have proven time and again to rise above any challenge placed in front of them. Aiden Rainford is a 6'1 G/F who truly understands how to compete with her back to the basket, but can also handle the rock when asked to do so. MVP of the Eastern National Championships in 2012, member of Team Ontario Development Team in 2012 and Gold Medalist with the U15 Team Ontario squad this past summer. Ciara Findlayer is a 5'10 PG who can beat you with multiple athletic moves to the basket. This 2011 OBA Provincials Gold Medalist and MVP is one of the most explosive players in her age bracket. Lastly, there is Akilah Stewart, a 5'4 PG, who like her backcourt running mate is by far the most unstoppable player out there. She is a both a threat on defense and offense - pick your poison. She has very good range as well.


  • A club with a rich history of producing players since 2000. Sultan Prospects Major Midget team is in their first year within the program but is a team that has been together for the past 4 years. The team finished second at provincials in April, 2013 and over the summer they made the semi-finals at the Slippery Rock Classic and made the quarter-finals at the Michigan Roundball Classic with one of their players making the All-Tournament team.
  • Players to look for - Curryl Watson, Riel Flack, Thaliyah Phillips, Miea Johnson


  • This team finished in Top 8 in Grade 9 and has higher expectations for this upcoming season. With a good balance of strong Guards and Forwards, they should be a team to watch.




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