*Pre-Season   *Regular Season

2020 Season

  • August 15, 2019 – First day of tryouts
  • September 20, 2019 – Early Signing Date
  • October 15, 2019 – Rosters must be submitted by 4:00pm EST (minimum 12 Players)
  • October 16 – November 30, 2019 – Team Orientation (teams to schedule a day, time and location with the League Office), mandatory for all roster Players and Head Coach, optional, but recommended for team administrators, Managers and Parents.
  • November 30, 2019 – Registration, $1,000.00 deposit or full amount
    • Payment can be e-transferred or paid by cheque made out to: “Canadian Basketball Alliance” and mailed to: 4 Safari Court, Brampton, Ontario, L7A 1G8
  • December 14-15, 2019 – Pre-Season Tournament.
  • January 15, 2020 – Deadline for submitting the Unsigned Seniors information
  • January 18, 2020 – Registration Balance Deadline
    • Payment can be e-transferred or paid by cheque made out to: “Canadian Basketball Alliance” and mailed to: 4 Safari Court, Brampton, Ontario, L7A 1G8
  • January 28, 2020 – Deadline for submitting Women’s Cancer Awareness t-shirt orders
  • February 1, 2020 – Deadline for adding Players to Roster 4:00pm EST.
  • February 1, 2020 – Deadline for confirming attendance for the Antigua trip
  • February 1-2, 2020 – Regular Season Week #1 (all teams will play, all games in Peel Region)
    • Saturday – Terry Miller, Cassie Campbell, Turner Fenton North, Central Peel
    • Sunday – Brampton Soccer Centre – #1, #2, #3, Terry Miller
  • February 15-16, 2020 – Regular Season Week #2 (Women’s Cancer Awareness Weekend – all teams will play, all games in Peel Region)
    • Saturday – York University – Fieldhouse #1 & Fieldhouse #2, Terry Miller, Cassie Campbell
    • Sunday – Brampton Soccer Centre – #1, #2, #3
  • February 29 – March 1, 2020 – Regular Season Week #3
    • Saturday – Durham – #1. #2, Terry Miller, Cassie Campbell
    • Sunday – Durham – #1. #2, Brampton Soccer Centre – #1, #2, #3
  • March 7-8, 2020 – Regular Season Week #4
    • University of Windsor (JUEL), Clair (JUEL Prep), University of Ottawa – #1, #2
  • March 28-29, 2020 – Regular Season Week #5
    • Queen’s University – #1, #2, Mother Teresa (London), Thomas Aquinas (London)
  • April 4, 2020 – Regular Season Week #6
    • Brampton Soccer Centre – #1, #2, Ryerson University – Kerr Hall, Mattamy Centre
  • April 18-19, 2020 – Regular Season Week #7
    • Barrie – #1, #2, Niagara – #1, #2
  • April 26, 2020 – Deadline for Nominations
    • Molten All-Academic Award
    • Athletica Elite Community Service Award
    • Mackenzie Curran Inspiration Award
  • April 27, 2020 – Deadline for 2020 Nominations
    • First Team All-Stars
    • Second Team All-Stars
    • All-Defensive Team
    • Coach of the Year
    • Seniors and Juniors (JUEL Coaches)
    • Sophomores and Freshmen (JUEL Prep Coaches)
  • May 8-10, 2020 – League Tournament (University of Guelph)
  • May 23, 2020 – All-Star Games (Sheridan College, Brampton)

Terry Miller Recreation Centre
1295 Williams Pkwy, Brampton, ON L6S 3J8

Turner Fenton Secondary School
7935 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton, ON L6W 0A2

Cassie Campbell Community Centre
1050 Sandalwood Pkwy W, Brampton, ON L7A 0K9

Central Peel Secondary School
32 Kennedy Rd N, Brampton, ON L6V 1X4

Brampton Soccer Centre
1495 Sandalwood Pkwy E, Brampton, ON L6R 0K2

O’Neill Collegiate And Vocational Institute
301 Simcoe St N, Oshawa, ON L1G 4T2

All Saints Catholic Secondary School
3001 Country Ln, Whitby, ON L1P 1M1


Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHome AwayScore
5Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #13:00pm65Brampton WarriorsvsNiagara JUEL60
6Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #23:00pm49Windsor St. ClairvsKingston Impact47
7Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #33:30pm41Mississauga MonarchsvsTri-County Soldiers34
12Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #19:00am56Tri-County SoldiersvsBrampton Warriors54
13Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #29:00am50Niagara JUELvsWindsor St. Clair45
14Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #39:00am40Kingston ImpactvsMississauga Monarchs55
19Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #21:00pm57Tri-County SoldiersvsNiagara JUEL51
20Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #31:00pm56Brampton WarriorsvsKingston Impact49
21Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #11:30pm68Mississauga MonarchsvsWindsor St. Clair62
9Feb 1/20Terry Miller 12:30pmMississauga MonarchsvsLondon Ramblers
10Feb 1/20Cassie Campbell12:30pmKingston Impact vsDurham City Chameleons
11Feb 1/20Central Peel12:30pmNiagara JUELvsOttawa Elite
12Feb 1/20Turner - North1:00pmNGBAvsBlessed Sacrament
14Feb 1/20Cassie Campbell2:30pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsTri-County Soldiers
15Feb 1/20Central Peel2:30pmBrampton Warriors vsHamilton Transway
16Feb 1/20Turner - North3:00pmSBA Lady BluesvsWindsor St. Clair
21Feb 1/20Terry Miller6:30pmOttawa ElitevsDurham City Chameleons
22Feb 1/20Cassie Campbell6:30pmLondon RamblersvsBlessed Sacrament
24Feb 1/20Terry Miller 8:30pmMississauga MonarchsvsNiagara JUEL
25Feb 1/20Cassie Campbell8:30pmNGBAvsTri-County Soldiers
26Feb 1/20Turner - North8:30pmSBA Lady BluesvsBrampton Warriors
27Feb 1/20Central Peel8:30pmWindsor St. ClairvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
32Feb 2/20Brampton SC #110:30amMississauga MonarchsvsWindsor St. Clair
33Feb 2/20Brampton SC #210:30amLondon RamblersvsOttawa Elite
34Feb 2/20Brampton SC #310:30amSBA Lady Blues vsKingston Impact
35Feb 2/20Turner - North10:30amHamilton Transway vsBlessed Sacrament
36Feb 2/20Brampton SC #112:30pmNiagara JUELvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
44Feb 2/20Brampton SC #14:30pmDurham City ChameleonsvsLondon Ramblers
45Feb 2/20Brampton SC #34:30pmMississauga MonarchsvsKingston Impact
47Feb 15/20Turner - North8:30amSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsHamilton Transway
49Feb 15/20Terry Miller8:30amTri-County SoldiersvsMississauga Monarchs
51Feb 15/20Turner - North10:30amDurham City ChameleonsvsBlessed Sacrament
54Feb 15/20Cassie Campbell10:30amLondon RamblersvsBrampton Warriors
55Feb 15/20Turner - North12:30pmNGBAvsSBA Lady Blues
58Feb 15/20Cassie Campbell 12:30pmWindsor St. ClairvsKingston Impact
59Feb 15/20Turner - North2:30pmNiagara JUELvsHamilton Transway
61Feb 15/20Terry Miller 2:30pmOttawa ElitevsTri-County Soldiers
63Feb 15/20Turner - North4:30pmBlessed SacramentvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
66Feb 15/20Cassie Campbell4:30pmBrampton WarriorsvsMississauga Monarchs
67Feb 15/20Turner - North6:30pmNGBAvsDurham City Chameleons
69Feb 15/20Terry Miller6:30pmLondon RamblersvsKingston Impact
71Feb 15/20Turner - North8:30pmSBA Lady Blues vsNiagara JUEL
74Feb 15/20Cassie Campbell8:30pmWindsor St. ClairvsOttawa Elite
75Feb 16/20Brampton SC #18:30amDurham City ChameleonsvsKingston Impact
79Feb 16/20Brampton SC #110:30amOttawa ElitevsBrampton Warriors
80Feb 16/20Brampton SC #210:30amWindsor St. ClairvsNGBA
82Feb 16/20Turner - North11:30amSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsMississauga Monarchs
84Feb 16/20Brampton SC #212:30pmBlessed SacramentvsHamilton Transway
85Feb 16/20Brampton SC #312:30pmSBA Lady BluesvsLondon Ramblers
88Feb 16/20Brampton SC #32:30pmNiagara JuelvsKingston Impact
91Feb 16/20Brampton SC #24:30pmBrampton WarriorsvsDurham City Chameleons
93Feb 16/20Brampton SC #15:30pmHamilton TranswayvsNGBA
94Feb 29/20Terry Miller8:30amBrampton WarriorsvsTri-County Soldiers
97Feb 29/20O'Neil Collegiate9:00amMississauga MonarchsvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
99Feb 29/20Cassie Campbell10:30amNGBAvsNiagara JUEL
100Feb 29/20All Saints CHS11:00amDurham City ChameleonsvsSBA Lady Blues
102Feb 29/20Terry Miller12:30pmBlessed Sacrament vsWindsor St. Clair
105Feb 29/20O'Neil Collegiate1:00pmOttawa ElitevsHamilton Transway
108Feb 29/20All Saints CHS4:00pmMississauga MonarchsvsDurham City Chameleons
110Feb 29/20Cassie Campbell4:30pmTri-County SoldiersvsNiagara JUEL
111Feb 29/20Terry Miller 6:00pmWindsor St. Clair vsBrampton Warriors
113Feb 29/20O'Neil Collegiate6:00pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsOttawa Elite
117Feb 29/20O'Neil Collegiate8:00pmHamilton TranswayvsSBA Lady Blues
118Feb 29/20Cassie Campbell8:30pmBlessed Sacrament vsNGBA
122Mar 1/20All Saints CHS9:30amSBA Lady Blues vsMississauga Monarchs
123Mar 1/20O'Neil Collegiate9:30amDurham City ChameleonsvsOttawa Elite
124Mar 1/20Brampton SC #110:30amTri-County SoldiersvsNGBA
125Mar 1/20Brampton SC #210:30amBlessed SacramentvsBrampton Warriors
132Mar 1/20All Saints CHS2:30pmHamilton TranswayvsMississauga Monarchs
133Mar 1/20O'Neil Collegiate2:30pmSBA Lady Blues vsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
135Mar 1/20Brampton SC #24:00pmBrampton WarriorsvsNGBA
136Mar 1/20Brampton SC #34:00pmTri-County SoldiersvsBlessed Sacrament
Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHome AwayScore
1Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #212:30pm42Etobicoke ThundervsLondon Ramblers57
2Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #312:30pm64Niagara JUEL PrepvsBrampton Warriors74
3Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #11:30pm36St. Clair StarsvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals64
4Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #22:00pm36Kingston ImpactvsTri-County Soldiers72
8Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #35:00pm60Niagara JUEL PrepvsLondon Ramblers42
9Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #36:30pm44St. Clair StarsvsTri-County Soldiers66
10Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #27:00pm68Brampton WarriorsvsKingston Impact36
11Dec 14/19Brampton Soccer Centre #38:00pm60Simcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsEtobicoke Thunder32
15Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #110:30am39Etobicoke ThundervsSt. Clair Stars34
16Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #210:30am44London RamblersvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals57
17Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #310:30am41Kingston ImpactvsNiagara JUEL Prep54
18Dec 15/19Brampton Soccer Centre #112:00pm33Tri-County SoldiersvsBrampton Warriors52
1Feb 1/20Terry Miller 8:30amMississauga MonarchsvsEtobicoke Thunder
2Feb 1/20Cassie Campbell8:30amBlessed SacramentvsDurham City Chameleons
3Feb 1/20Central Peel8:30amNiagara JUEL PrepvsSBA Lady Blues
4Feb 1/20Turner - North9:00amNGBAvsBrampton Warriors
5Feb 1/20Terry Miller10:30amLondon RamblersvsOttawa Elite
6Feb 1/20Cassie Campbell10:30amSt. Clair Starsvs21 Academy
7Feb 1/20Central Peel10:30amTri-County SoldiersvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
8Feb 1/20Turner - North11:00amHamilton TranswayvsKingston Impact
13Feb 1/20Terry Miller2:30pmNiagara JUEL PrepvsMississauga Monarchs
17Feb 1/20Terry Miller4:30pmDurham City Chameleons vsOttawa Elite
18Feb 1/20Cassie Campbell4:30pm21 AcademyvsNGBA
19Feb 1/20Central Peel4:30pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsSt. Clair Stars
20Feb 1/20Turner - North5:00pmSBA Lady BluesvsEtobicoke Thunder
23Feb 1/20Central Peel6:30pmHamilton TranswayvsBlessed Sacrament
28Feb 2/20Brampton SC #18:30amSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsLondon Ramblers
29Feb 2/20Brampton SC #28:30amMississauga MonarchsvsNGBA
30Feb 2/20Brampton SC #38:30amSBA Lady BluesvsKingston Impact
31Feb 2/20Turner - North8:30amDurham City ChameleonsvsBrampton Warriors
37Feb 2/20Brampton SC #312:30pm21 Academy vsTri-County Soldiers
38Feb 2/20Turner - North12:30pmOttawa ElitevsHamilton Transway
39Feb 2/20Brampton SC #22:00pmEtobicoke ThundervsDurham City Chameleons
40Feb 2/20Brampton SC #12:30pmNGBAvsLondon Ramblers
41Feb 2/20Brampton SC #32:30pmNiagara JUEL PrepvsKingston Impact
42Feb 2/20Turner - North 2:30pmSBA Lady BluesvsSt. Clair Stars
43Feb 2/20Brampton SC #24:00pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsBlessed Sacrament
46Feb 2/20Turner - North4:30pmBrampton WarriorsvsMississauga Monarchs
48Feb 15/20Turner - South8:30am21 Academy vsDurham City Chameleons
50Feb 15/20Cassie Campbell8:30amBrampton WarriorsvsEtobicoke Thunder
52Feb 15/20Turner - South10:30amNiagara JUEL PrepvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
53Feb 15/20Terry Miller10:30amOttawa ElitevsTri-County Soldiers
56Feb 15/20Turner - South12:30pmBlessed SacramentvsNGBA
57Feb 15/20Terry Miller12:30pmLondon RamblersvsMississauga Monarchs
60Feb 15/20Turner - South2:30pmHamilton TranswayvsSBA Lady Blues
62Feb 15/20Cassie Campbell2:30pmKingston ImpactvsSt. Clair Stars
64Feb 15/20Turner - South 4:30pmDurham City ChameleonsvsNiagara JUEL Prep
65Feb 15/20Terry Miller4:30pmTri-County SoldiersvsBrampton Warriors
68Feb 15/20Turner - South6:30pm21 Academy vsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
70Feb 15/20Cassie Campbell6:30pmEtobicoke Thunder vsOttawa Elite
72Feb 15/20Turner - South8:30pmNGBAvsSBA Lady Blues
73Feb 15/20Terry Miller8:30pmKingston ImpactvsLondon Ramblers
76Feb 16/20Brampton SC #28:30amHamilton TranswayvsMississauga Monarchs
77Feb 16/20Brampton SC #38:30amSt. Clair StarsvsOttawa Elite
78Feb 16/20Turner - North9:30am21 AcademyvsEtobicoke Thunder
81Feb 16/20Brampton SC #310:30amBrampton WarriorsvsBlessed Sacrament
83Feb 16/20Brampton SC #112:30pmTri-County SoldiersvsKingston Impact
86Feb 16/20Turner - North1:30pmSBA Lady BluesvsDurham City Chameleons
87Feb 16/20Brampton SC #22:30pmSt. Clair StarsvsMississauga Monarchs
89Feb 16/20Turner - North3:30pmSimcoe Muskoka Royals vsEtobicoke Thunder
90Feb 16/20Brampton SC #13:30pmBrampton WarriorsvsLondon Ramblers
92Feb 16/20Brampton SC #34:30pmBlessed Sacrament vsHamilton Transway
95Feb 29/20Cassie Campbell8:30amSt. Clair StarsvsNGBA
96Feb 29/20All Saints CHS9:00amSBA Lady Bluesvs21 Academy
98Feb 29/20Terry Miller 10:30amEtobicoke ThundervsBrampton Warriors
101Feb 29/20O'Neil Collegiate11:00amHamilton TranswayvsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
103Feb 29/20Cassie Campbell12:30pmBlessed Sacrament vsTri-County Soldiers
104Feb 29/20All Saints CHS1:00pmMississauga Monarchs vsDurham City Chameleons
106Feb 29/20Cassie Campbell 2:30pmOttawa Elite vsNiagara JUEL Prep
107Feb 29/20Terry Miller4:00pmBrampton WarriorsvsSt. Clair Stars
109Feb 29/20O'Neil Collegiate4:00pmSimcoe Muskoka Royalsvs21 Academy
112Feb 29/20All Saints CHS6:00pmDurham City ChameleonsvsSBA Lady Blues
114Feb 29/20Cassie Campbell6:30pmBlessed Sacrament vsEtobicoke Thunder
115Feb 29/20Terry Miller8:00pmOttawa Elite vsNGBA
116Feb 29/20All Saints CHS8:00pmMississauga MonarchsvsHamilton Transway
119Mar 1/20Brampton SC #18:30amMississauga Monarchs vsTri-County Soldiers
120Mar 1/20Brampton SC #28:30amEtobicoke Thundervs21 Academy
121Mar 1/20Brampton SC #38:30amBlessed SacramentvsNiagara JUEL Prep
126Mar 1/20Brampton SC #310:30amHamilton TranswayvsBrampton Warriors
127Mar 1/20All Saints CHS11:30amSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsvsSBA Lady Blues
128Mar 1/20O'Neil Collegiate12:30pmOttawa Elite vsDurham City Chameleons
129Mar 1/20Brampton SC #12:00pmEtobicoke ThundervsNiagara JUEL Prep
130Mar 1/20Brampton SC #22:00pmTri-County SoldiersvsNGBA
131Mar 1/20Brampton SC #32:00pmBlessed SacramentvsMississauga Monarchs
134Mar 1/20Brampton SC #14:00pmBrampton Warriorsvs21 Academy

League Office

4 Safari Court, Brampton, ON, L7A 1G8