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Canadian Basketball Alliance

The Canadian Basketball Alliance (CBA) is a non-for-profit Corporation that began managing JUEL on September 14, 2018, providing JUEL with over 35 years of basketball specific experience. 

The Organization provides extensive knowledge and resources for Event, League and Game operations. Resources include:

  • Equipment – shot clocks, speakers, stats programs, Video Services and Equipment
  • Staff – Game Day, Athletic Therapists, Video, Stats, Site Directors, Minor Officials, Personal Basketball specific development
  • Products – Athletic Supplies, uniforms, basketballs, logo design, swag
  • Training – practices, camps, game strategies, playbooks

The JUEL of Ontario is an independent Provincial League providing opportunities for Players throughout the entire Province. Ideally no player will travel more than one hour to their practices. This will allow them time to focus on their education as well as personal life away from basketball. We believe that displacing young women at a young age will have negative impacts on their personal growth. As well as adding financial burdens on the family, moneys that could be put towards their College or University education. Our model and its successes have now become the foundation of other upstart leagues throughout Canada.

JUEL is inclusive of all Players because we provide opportunities for everyone exclusive of their financial status. We want the best players to play in our league, not just a selected few who can afford it. 

JUEL Prep was created in 2014 to provide opportunities for Players to develop and transition into JUEL.

Part of the initial plan for JUEL was to allow all of our players the opportunity to attend and play at their local High School during each fall, these are said to be the “best years of your life”. With this in mind, Basketball doesn’t become the only focus in a young women’s life, they still get the opportunity to be with their non-basketball friends and close to their families helping them become well-rounded.

The Women’s game is fortunate that the majority of players are able to excel on the court as well as in the classroom; this is why Regional teams are so successful. They provide the opportunity for each player to represent their Region as part of a stronger group while staying at home.

Players generally want strong Coaching, develop their game so they’re ready to step into a role at the next level, practice and compete against the best and give themselves the best exposure. JUEL has provided this since our first game on December 11, 2010. 

In Ontario alone, there are 18 OUA and 19 OCAA Schools competing in Women’s Basketball, if each roster contains 12 Players then there are 444 spots available annually. The OUA and OCAA must be our priority, this is why JUEL has worked hard to establish strong relationships and stressed the importance of our Players playing on their courts. Not only would the Players have an opportunity to play College or University basketball, they will receive a great education in preparation for their lives after basketball.

OCAA and OUA Coaches act as mentors to some of our teams during the season and assist in team selection during tryouts. JUEL has always provided direct access to all of our Players so they can make the best decision in selecting a school that will give them the greatest opportunity for education and basketball success.

The facts are clear; Players looking to play at the next level are using JUEL as their vehicle. Regular practices with and against the best players in their Region along with games against the best players in the Province have proven to be a recipe for success. JUEL’s relationship with the NCAA, CIS and OCAA, has provided our Players with the best exposure and opportunities for Basketball and Academic choices.

Graduates aren’t just succeeding on the court, but off the court as well. Every year Players submit, are evaluated and winners are selected for the Athletica Elite Community Service and Molten All-Academic Awards. The Awards are part of our annual Banquet where we honour all of the hard work done during the season. Note: the Awards Ceremony will replace the Banquet in 2020.

Beginning with our first game on December 11, 2010, Therapists have been on site for injury prevention and treatment.  This is a service that all of our Players must have access to every game. 

One of JUEL’s main focuses from the beginning has been to provide as many services for the best value. We understand there are financial burdens on families so allocating funds in the right areas is very important. 

Players have to make sacrifices to play at the highest level and give themselves the best opportunity to continue playing at the next level. With this in mind it is important that clubs and/or teams don’t add the burden of travelling more than an hour to-and-from practice twice possibly three times a week (also consider Workouts). 

Game Schedule

  • The JUEL/JUEL Prep seasons will consist of 7 Regular Season weekends (teams will play a maximum of 2 games per day and 4 per weekend), the League Tournament which could include games as early as 9:00am on the Friday (potentially 2 games on Friday), 2 games on Saturday and potentially 2 games on Sunday and the All-Star Game.
  • Although the season will host 7 Regular Season weekends, teams may not have games scheduled during all weekends. The Regular Season could include:
    • Weekday Games – Teams within a maximum 45-minute drive of each other may be scheduled to play during the week.
    • Weekday double Header – Teams represented in both JUEL and JUEL Prep and within a maximum 45-minute drive of each other may be scheduled to play during the week.
    • More Centralized weekends – Teams could stay overnight a maximum of 2 Weekends during the Regular season plus the League Tournament. Exceptions would be Ottawa, Kingston, Windsor St. Clair and St. Clair Stars.
    • Live Stats – The 2019 season included Live Stats with positive feedback thus they will return for future seasons. Coaches can request stats at halftime and end of their games. Box Scores and Stat leaders will be posted on the JUEL site after each weekend.
    • League Tournament Awards Ceremony – the Ceremony will replace the Banquet in 2022 and will include: team announcement and parade, Guest speaker, entertainment, all Awards and allow for Parents, Friends and Guests to attend. The Ceremony will be held at the University of Guelph Mitchell gym which can accommodate 1200 people.

Fergy Neves – Founder

Fergy began coaching basketball at the age of 19 and is one of the founding members of the Mississauga Monarchs. Coached boys for 17 years then made the transition to the girl’s game in the late 90’s.

In 2001 he started his own club named Sultan Prospects and was fortunate to work with many exceptional basketball Players, some who represented Canada on the Women’s Senior Nationals team. That same year Fergy became the Canadian Ambassador for YBOA (Youth Basketball of America) where he built relationships with international groups.

In 2004 The Sultan Prospects began running “the Battle for Breast Cancer”, an annual tournament that was praised for its organization, Celebrity Game and awareness.

In late 2009 Fergy began working on the idea of JUEL; with the support of the most influential Organizations and Coaches in the Province the idea came to life with the first game the following year.

Over the years people have come and gone, but Fergy has remained and is excited over the possibilities for JUEL with the support of key people.

Alex (Kwiecinska) Kay –  League Director

Alex Kay has been with JUEL since the beginning, contributing to the success of the longest run competitive League in Ontario.  She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and perspective as a Player, Coach and Event Organizer. 

Alex completed her undergraduate degree in Sport Management while playing under Karl Smesko at Florida Gulf Coast University. Upon her graduation, her passion stayed with basketball, which led to her coaching career at the College and Rep levels prior to JUEL. 

She shares a passion for providing young athletes with the best opportunities, optimal exposure and allowing them to grow into the next level of their careers whether it be on or off the court.

Sabrina Brathwaite – Medical Director

Originally from Brampton, Ontario, Sabrina is an Athletic Therapist and owner of Athletica Elite. A mobile sports rehab clinic providing medical coverage for sporting events and for all JUEL league games/events.

Sabrina grew up playing basketball starting with the Brampton Blue Devils and CIA Bounce. She took her athletic career into the post-secondary level, playing for the University of Waterloo and Sheridan College and is now an alumnus of both programs. She has worked on the medical side of sports for the past 8 years with a wide variety of sports, such as football, soccer, rugby, hockey, badminton, volleyball, and track & field, but her main focus was always basketball.

Sabrina is an experienced Certified Athletic Therapist having worked in the amateur, professional and international sporting levels. Her work experience includes working with the University of Waterloo, Ryerson University, Team Ontario Girls Basketball, Umbro Soccer, Nike Crown Basketball, Raptors 905, Dominican Republic Basketball SMNT and ACE-Team Canada. Sabrina is joining our team as a member on our Board of Directors and the league’s Medical Director. Should you have any questions or concerns about the Athletic Therapists on-site, referrals to sports med clinics in your area, medical documentation, or any inquiries about medical supplies (such as custom or generic braces, sleeves, biofreeze, tensor wraps, foam rollers, etc.), please feel free to reach out to Sabrina at athleticaelite@gmail.com.

League Staff

Hormis Sifo – Video Coordinator

Joseph Sifo – Website, Twitter

Sharon Gabuat – Game Day Operations

Samarah Mohenu – Stats Coordinator

Hassan Mohamed – Stats, Instagram, Twitter

Rachelle Abella – Social Media

Mark Knuckle – Stats


Fergy Neves (Voting Member)

  • Will resign as JUEL Commissioner, but stay on as a Director overseeing all aspects of the League and provide guidance during the transition.

Alex Kay (Voting Member)– former NCAA Player, has been with JUEL since the beginning.

  • Policy Review and adjustments
  • Secretary

Sabrina Brathwaite (Voting Member)

  • Certified Athletic Therapist, has worked with Raptors 905, and Assistant Coach at Sheridan College
  • Policy Review and adjustments
  • Medical Director
  • Website Design

Hormis Sifo (Voting Member)

  • Video Director

Samarah Mohenu (non-Voting Member)

  • Create a Cybersports (Stats) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Staff
  • Gather all Box Scores for Posting
  • Tally Stat Leaders for posting

Chris Barron (Voting Member)

  • JUEL/JUEL Prep Referee Liaison.

Yaw Afful (Voting Member)– Crown Scout Girls

  • Player Evaluations
    • Evaluations will be provided to Coaches at the next level as part of Crown Scout Girls Service
    • Broker April Viewing Period events for JUEL/JUEL Prep Teams to attend

Michael Henry (Voting Member) – Crown Scout Girls

  • Player Evaluations
    • Evaluations will be provided to Coaches at the next level as part of Crown Scout Girls Service
    • Broker April Viewing Period events for JUEL/JUEL Prep Teams to attend

Richard Nurse (non-Voting Member) – Hamilton Transway

    • Insurance


JUEL has established an internal Committee to investigate, evaluate and report findings along with recommendation on any and all issues brought forward with respect to conduct or actions detrimental of any JUEL member.  Any issues that cannot be dealt with by the “League Integrity Committee”will be forwarded to the CBA Executive Committee for resolution.

Members of the Committee include:

Committee Chair

  • Hormis Sifo

Committee Members

  • Chris Barron
  • Yaw Afful