JUEL of Ontario (operated by the Canadian Basketball Alliance – CBA) and Ontario Basketball (OBA) announced a partnership that will integrate the club competition structure to enhance the development and experience of girl’s club basketball in the Province.

The partnership seeks to systematically change and reverse the decline of girl’s participation and provide a clear structure and environment to allow girls to flourish within the game of basketball.

With an integrated system, the goal of the partnership intends to:

  1. Ensure the integrity of athlete and club development.
  2. Ensure a clear understanding and pathway within the
    club system.
  3. Ensure and maintain high level of competition.
  4. Ensure the growth of girls’ basketball.
    The 2022 Play-in Tournament is one the steps towards fulfilling a long-term healthy and prosperous partnership between CBA and OBA.


The Tournament will be part of a year end celebration for both JUEL Prep and the OBA. Games will be played at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (875 Morningside Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M1C 0C7). Players, families and friends are encouraged to stay at the conclusion of the Tournament to watch the JUEL and JUEL Prep All- Star Games.

Play-in Tournament Notes

  • Ontario Basketball is to provide the top 4 teams in the grade 9/10 division and seed them 1-4.
  • JUEL Prep teams will include the 4th Place finisher in each Pool after the conclusion of the 2022 League Tournament Pool play.
  • There will be no charge to the teams for entry into the Play-In Tournament, however Gate fees will apply during the event as listed below:
    • Friday – $5.00
    • Saturday – $10.00
    • All-Star Games – $10.00
    • Event Pass (includes the Play-In Tournament, JUEL and JUEL Prep All-Star Games and 10 Raffle Tickets to be drawn during the All-Star Games) – $20.00
    • Free Admission for children under the age of 8, Seniors over 65, Players and Coaches competing in the Play-In Tournament
  • All games will consist of 4 – 9-minute quarters (36-minute games)
  • All JUEL Prep services will be available during the Play-In Tournament (at no cost to the teams and Players), there include:
    • Game video – OBA Players will have to complete and have their parent(s) sign the Talent Release Form prior to competing in the Tournament. This will allow CBA to video tape and post all games.
    • Live stats – available to all Coaches at their request
    • Therapists
    • Game officials and game balls – teams must bring their own warmup balls (Molten balls are preferred)
    • Minor Officials
  • JUEL, JUEL Prep and OBA merchandise will be available during the event


Pool A

1 – St. Clair Stars

4 – North Toronto Huskies

5 – Vaughan Panthers

8 – Nepean Blue Devils

Pool B

2 – KW Vipers

3 – SBA Lady Blues

6 – IEM

– Etobicoke Thunder


Friday June 10, 2022

Court #1

PI1 – 6:30pm – KW Vipers vs. Etobicoke Thunder

PI3 – 8:15pm – St. Clair Stars vs. Nepean Blue Devils

Court #2

PI2 – 6:30pm – SBA Lady Blues vs. IEM

PI4 – 8:15pm – North Toronto Huskies vs. Vaughan Panthers

Saturday June 11, 2022

Court #1

PI5 – 9:00am – SBA Lady Blues vs. Etobicoke Thunder

PI7 – 10:45am – North Toronto Huskies vs. Nepean Blue Devils


PI9 – 1:30pm – KW Vipers vs. SBA Lady Blues

PI11 – 3:15pm – St. Clair Stars vs. North Toronto Huskies

6:00pm – JUEL Prep All-Star Game

8:00pm – JUEL All-Star Game

Court #2

PI6 – 9:00am – KW Vipers vs. IEM

PI8 – 10:45pm – St. Clair Stars vs. Vaughan Panthers


PI10 – 1:30pm – IEM vs. Etobicoke Thunder

PI12 – 3:15pm – Vaughan Panthers vs. Nepean Blue Devils

Tie Break Format

Same format to be used to determine the 4 JUEL Prep teams after Pool play at the League Tournament

Step #1 – Most Wins

  • The team with the most wins in pool play will be given priority ranking

Step #2 – Two-way Tie – Head-to-head Method

  • If a tie exists between (2) teams at the completion of pool play, the winner  of the game played by the two teams involved (head-to-head match-up) will be given priority ranking. 

Step #3 – Three-way Tie – Points against (P.A.) Method

  • If a three-way tie persists, the ranking of the affected teams is based on (fewest) total points allowed by each team using the scores from the three games in which the three teams played each other. 
    1. Scores against the team(s) NOT involved in the three-way tie are discarded.
    2. The total Points Against front he three teams are added together to give you their Points Against Total. 
    3. The team with the fewest Points Against value will be given priority ranking.
    4. The Team with the second fewest Points Against value will be given the secondary ranking.



Team A 50 – Team B 45

Team B 60 – Team C 38

Team C 45 – Team A 37





P.A. GAME #1




P.A. GAME #2








Team B receives the priority ranking and advances

Team A receives the secondary ranking

Team C receives third ranking

Step #4 – Two-way Tie Persists – Head-to-head Method

  • If a tie exists between (2) teams after using the Three-way Tie – Points Against Method, the winner of the pool game played by the two teams involved (head-to-head match-up) will be given priority ranking.

Step #5 – Three-way Tie Persists – Additional Pool Play Result

  • If a tie persists between three (3) teams after the Points Against Method is used. The Game against the remaining team in the pool will be added to the calculation to determine who is given priority ranking. If a tie persists between two teams after the additional score is used the Head-to-Head Method will be used to determine the priority ranking.











50 – 55 = -5

68 – 60 = -8

55 – 52 = -3





  1. Team B receives priority ranking.
  2. Team C receives the secondary ranking
  3. Team A receives third ranking

Step #6 – Three-way Tie Persists – Number Draw

  • The number one, two and three written on a piece of paper by neutral third party and placed in a hat, bag or other suitable container. The container is to be held above the eye level of the coaches.
  • The coaches then draw one number from the container, beginning with the highest seeded team (League Tournament Seeding).
  • Number one (1) shall represent the priority ranking, number two (2) the secondary ranking and number three (3) the third ranking.



Interested teams can pre-order their tournament tees, cost is $15.00 each (taxes included).  The tees are unisex, short sleeve and can be ordered in combination of Cardinal and White or just a single colour.  Please email the colour, size and quantity to info@juel.ca no later than Monday May 30, 2022.  The pre-ordered tees will be handed to the team prior to their first game on June 10, 2022.