Important dates for the 2022-2023 Season

  • August 15, 2022 – First day of tryouts

  • September 1, 2022 – Deadline to submit the $250 non-refundable deposit to confirm your team for the 2022-2023 season.

  • September 20, 2022 – Early Signing Date

  • October 15, 2022 – Rosters must be submitted to the League Office ( by 4:00pm EST (minimum 12 Players)

  • October 16 – November 30, 2022 – Team Orientation (teams to schedule a day, time and location with the League Office),

    mandatory for all roster Players and Head Coaches, optional, but strongly recommended for team administrators, Managers and


  • December 3-4, 2022 – JUEL Prep Preseason Event

  • December 17-18, 2022 – JUEL Prep Regular Season Week #1, JUEL Preseason Event

  • January 7-8, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #2, JUEL Week #1

  • February 1, 2022 – Deadline for adding Players to Roster 4:00pm EST.

  • February 4-5, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #3, JUEL Week #2

  • February 18-19, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #4, JUEL Week 3

    • Central Location – End Women’s Cancers Weekend
  • March 4-5, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #5, JUEL Week #4

  • March 25-26, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #6, JUEL Week #5

  • April 15-16, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #7, JUEL Week #6

  • April 29-30, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #8, JUEL Week #7

  • May 13-14, 2023 – Regular Season – JUEL Prep Week #9, JUEL Week #8

  • May 26-28, 2023 – League Tournament (Brock University, Niagara College)

  • June 10, 2023 – All-Star Games (location still to be confirmed, but will be central)

Algonquin College
1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K2G 1V8

Brock University – Bob Davis, Beddis #1, Beddis #2, Beddis #3, Beddis #4
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2S 3A1

Canada Games Park – CGP #1, CGP #2, CGP #4
2021 Canada Games Way, Thorold, Ontario, L2V 4Y6

Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6

Cassie Campbell Community Centre
1050 Sandalwood Pkwy W, Brampton, ON L7A 0K9

Durham College
2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, ON, L1G 5R6

East Bayfield Community Centre
80 Livingstone St E, Barrie, ON, L4M 6X9

Fanshawe College – Main, #2
1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard, London, ON, N5Y 5R6

Hillfield Strathallan College #1, #2, #3
299 Fennell Ave W, Hamilton, ON, L9C 1G3

Humber College
205 Humber College Boulevard, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 5L7

Jim Archdekin Recreation Centre
292 Conestoga Drive, Brampton, ON, L6Z 3M1

Kingston Secondary School
145 Kirkpatrick St, Kingston, ON K7K 2P4

Meridian Community Centre
100 Meridian Way, Fonthill, ON, L0S 1E6

Notre Dame College School – Dillon Hall, Belcastro
64 Smith Street, Welland, ON, L3C 4H4

Ontario Tech University
2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa, ON, L1G 0C5

Queen’s University
284 Earl Street, Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6

Ridley College (Griffith Gymnasium)
2 Ridley Rd, St. Catharines, ON, L2R 7C3

Ryerson University – Mattamy Athletic Centre
50 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 1J2

Save Max Sports Centre #1, #2, #3
1495 Sandalwood Pkwy E, Brampton, ON, L6R 0K2

Sheridan College Brampton
7899 McLaughlin Rd, Brampton, ON, L6Y 5H9

Silverthorne Collegiate Institute
291 Mill Road, Etobicoke, ON, M9C 1Y5

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
124 Dorval Dr, Oakville, ON, L6K 2W1

Terry Miller Recreation Centre
1295 Williams Pkwy, Brampton, ON L6S 3J8

Thistletown Collegiate Institute
20 Fordwich Crescent, Etobicoke, M9W 2T4

TMU – Kerr Hall
50 Gould Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1E9

TMU – Mattamy Centre
50 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1J2

University of Windsor – Main, #2
2555 College Ave, Windsor, ON N9B 3P4

Wilfred Laurier University
75 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON, N2L 3C5

Woodland Christian High School
1058 Spittzig Road, Breslau, ON, N0B 1M0

York University (Tait McKenzie Centre) – Main, Fieldhouse #1 & #2
1 Thompson Road, North York, ON, M3J 1P3

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
X39Dec. 17th/22Save Max #111:30am 88 Hamilton TranswayNiagara JUEL52
X40Dec. 17th/22Save Max #211:30am40Blessed SacramentLondon Ramblers 58
X41Dec. 17th/22Humber #112:30pm 50 Durham City ChameleonsMississauga Monarchs44
X42Dec. 17th/22Humber #212:30pm54Kingston ImpactSBA Lady Blues 75
X43Dec. 17th/22Save Max #11:30pm52Oakville VytisTri-County Soldiers 64
X44Dec. 17th/22Save Max #21:30pm 53 Windsor St. ClairBrampton Warriors47
X45Dec. 17th/22Humber #22:30pm49Ottawa EliteYNBA Avengers 65
X46Dec. 17th/22Save Max #14:30pm 66 Niagara JUELBlessed Sacrament43
X47Dec. 17th/22Humber #26:30pm45SBA Lady BluesDurham City Chameleons 55
X48Dec. 17th/22Save Max #16:30pm 76 Tri-County SoldiersWindsor St. Clair57
X49Dec. 17th/22Save Max #36:30pm42London RamblersHamilton Transway 72
X50Dec. 17th/22Save Max #27:30pm42Brampton WarriorsOakville Vytis 48
X51Dec. 17th/22Humber #18:30pm41Mississauga MonarchsOttawa Elite 65
X52Dec. 17th/22Humber #28:30pm 85 YNBA AvengersKingston Impact65
X53Dec. 18th/22Humber #110:30am 74 London RamblersTri-County Soldiers65
X54Dec. 18th/22Save Max #210:30am 57 Niagara JUELOakville Vytis48
X55Dec. 18th/22Humber #112:30pm43Ottawa EliteSBA Lady Blues 73
X56Dec. 18th/22Humber #212:30pm64Kingston ImpactMississauga Monarchs 70
X57Dec. 18th/22Save Max #112:30pm 58 Hamilton TranswayWindsor St. Clair43
X58Dec. 18th/22Humber #22:30pm47Durham City ChameleonsYNBA Avengers 55
X59Dec. 18th/22Save Max #24:30pm 55 Blessed SacramentBrampton Warriors34

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
35Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #212:30pm45SBA Lady BluesYNBA Avengers 63
37Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #22:30pm 57 Hamilton TranswayBrampton Warriors56
38Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #14:30pm 73 Oakville VytisBlessed Sacrament64
41Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #26:30pm32Mississauga MonarchsYNBA Avengers 81
45Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #28:30am 70 YNBA AvengersBrampton Warriors59
46Jan. 8th/23York – Main8:30am 65 Hamilton TranswayOakville Vytis44
49Jan. 8th/23York – Main10:30am72Blessed SacramentSBA Lady Blues 80
53Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #12:30pm 82 Hamilton TranswayMississauga Monarchs46
54Jan. 8th/23York – Main2:30pm 76 Brampton WarriorsOakville Vytis51
57Jan. 8th/23York – Main4:30pm 79 YNBA AvengersBlessed Sacrament55

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
58Feb. 4th/23ND – Dillon8:30am51Niagara JUELYNBA Avengers 75
59Feb. 4th/23ND – Belcastro8:30am48Oakville VytisDurham City Chameleons 59
60Feb. 4th/23ND – Dillon10:30am58Blessed SacramentMississauga Monarchs 74
61Feb. 4th/23ND – Belcastro10:30am 60 Tri-County SoldiersSBA Lady Blues59
62Feb. 4th/23ND – Dillon12:30pm36Brampton WarriorsHamilton Transway 76
63Feb. 4th/23ND – Belcastro12:30pm 57 Windsor St. ClairKingston Impact46
64Feb. 4th/23ND – Dillon2:30pm55Ottawa EliteNiagara JUEL 61
65Feb. 4th/23ND – Belcastro2:30pm57Durham City ChameleonsLondon Ramblers 59
66Feb. 4th/23ND – Dillon4:30pm 84 YNBA AvengersOakville Vytis57
67Feb. 4th/23ND – Belcastro4:30pm 64 SBA Lady BluesBlessed Sacrament57
68Feb. 4th/23ND – Dillon6:30pm 60 Tri-County SoldiersBrampton Warriors59
69Feb. 4th/23ND – Belcastro6:30pm 71 Windsor St. ClairMississauga Monarchs64
70Feb. 4th/23ND – Dillon8:30pm53London RamblersKingston Impact 58
71Feb. 4th/23ND – Belcastro8:30pm42Ottawa EliteHamilton Transway 61
72Feb. 5th/23ND – Dillon8:30am42Niagara JUELSBA Lady Blues 62
73Feb. 5th/23ND – Belcastro8:30am 70 Durham City ChameleonsTri-County Soldiers30
74Feb. 5th/23ND – Dillon10:30am50Mississauga MonarchsLondon Ramblers 57
75Feb. 5th/23ND – Belcastro10:30am59Ottawa EliteOakville Vytis 60
76Feb. 5th/23ND – Dillon1:30pm 63 Kingston ImpactTri-County Soldiers55
78Feb. 5th/23ND – Dillon3:30pm 56 Niagara JUELMississauga Monarchs43
79Feb. 5th/23ND – Belcastro3:30pm 50 Brampton WarriorsLondon Ramblers37

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
81Feb. 18th/23Sheridan8:30am51Blessed SacramentBrampton Warriors 54
83Feb. 18th/23Terry Miller10:30am 63 YNBA AvengersTri-County Soldiers50
85Feb. 18th/23Sheridan10:30am 55 Durham City ChameleonsOakville Vytis46
86Feb. 18th/23Silverthorne11:30am 62 SBA Lady BluesWindsor St. Clair40
87Feb. 18th/23Terry Miller12:30pm 70 London RamblersOttawa Elite51
89Feb. 18th/23Sheridan12:30pm 84 Hamilton TranswayKingston Impact45
91Feb. 18th/23Terry Miller2:30pm 51 Mississauga MonarchsBlessed Sacrament45
93Feb. 18th/23Sheridan2:30pm37Brampton WarriorsNiagara JUEL 49
95Feb. 18th/23Terry Miller4:30pm 68 Durham City ChameleonsWindsor St. Clair30
97Feb. 18th/23Sheridan4:30pm 63 SBA Lady BluesTri-County Soldiers58
99Feb. 18th/23Terry Miller6:30pm 61 Oakville VytisOttawa Elite55
101Feb. 18th/23Sheridan6:30pm 66 Hamilton TranswayYNBA Avengers56
105Feb. 18th/23Sheridan8:30pm57Kingston ImpactLondon Ramblers 65
107Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #28:30am 86 Brampton WarriorsMississauga Monarchs81
108Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #38:30am 57 Ottawa EliteWindsor St. Clair47
109Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #110:30am53London RamblersSBA Lady Blues 60
114Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #312:30pm 63 Blessed SacramentKingston Impact61
116Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #22:30pm58Ottawa EliteTri-County Soldiers 73
117Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #32:30pm 77 Mississauga MonarchsWindsor St. Clair55
119Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #24:30pm54SBA Lady BluesHamilton Transway 91

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
123Mar. 4th/23 – moved to Mar. 5th/23ND – Dillon – moved to ND – Belcastro10:30am – moved to 8:30am 57 Niagara JUELOakville Vytis54
124Mar. 4th/23ND – Belcastro10:30am 60 YNBA AvengersLondon Ramblers58
125Mar. 4th/23ND – Dillon12:30pm 57 Durham City ChameleonsHamilton Transway52
126Mar. 4th/23ND – Belcastro12:30pm 55 Tri-County SoldiersKingston Impact49
127Mar. 4th/23ND – Dillon2:30pm40Windsor St. ClairOttawa Elite 48
129Mar. 4th/23ND – Dillon – moved to ND – Belcastro4:30pm – moved to 6:30pm70Oakville VytisYNBA Avengers 74
131Mar. 4th/23ND – Dillon6:30pm46Niagara JUELKingston Impact 56
132Mar. 4th/23ND – Belcastro6:30pm – moved to 8:30pm35London RamblersDurham City Chameleons 60
133Mar. 4th/23ND – Dillon8:30pm51Tri-County SoldiersOttawa Elite 52
135Mar. 5th/23ND – Dillon8:30am 56 Kingston ImpactWindsor St. Clair45
136Mar. 5th/23ND – Dillon10:30am61YNBA AvengersHamilton Transway 79
138Mar. 5th/23ND – Dillon12:30pm53Ottawa EliteLondon Ramblers 65
140Mar. 5th/23ND – Dillon2:30pm 57 Oakville VytisKingston Impact49
141Mar. 5th/23ND – Belcastro2:30pm – changed to 1:30pm39Niagara JUELDurham City Chameleons 78
143Mar. 5th/23ND – Belcastro4:30pm – changed to 3:30pm 62 YNBA AvengersWindsor St. Clair33

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
147Mar. 25th/23Queens U9:30am 60 Ottawa EliteKingston Impact49
149Mar. 25th/23TMU – Kerr10:30am53London RamblersNiagara JUEL 62
152Mar. 25th/23Queens U11:30am 45 SBA Lady BluesMississauga Monarchs42
153Mar. 25th/23TMU – Mattamy12:30pm43Tri-County SoldiersDurham City Chameleons 63
154Mar. 25th/23TMU – Kerr12:30pm46Windsor St. ClairYNBA Avengers 75
157Mar. 25th/23Queens U1:30pm54Oakville VytisBrampton Warriors 62
162Mar. 25th/23TMU – Mattamy4:30pm52Blessed SacramentHamilton Transway 88
164Mar. 25th/23Queens U4:30pm50Kingston ImpactSBA Lady Blues 55
165Mar. 25th/23TMU – Kerr5:30pm46London RamblersYNBA Avengers 53
167Mar. 25th/23TMU – Mattamy6:30pm33Windsor St. ClairDurham City Chameleons 92
169Mar. 25th/23Queens U6:30pm 48 Ottawa EliteBrampton Warriors41
172Mar. 25th/23TMU – Mattamy8:30pm64Tri-County SoldiersNiagara JUEL 69
174Mar. 25th/23Queens U8:30pm 62 Mississauga MonarchsOakville Vytis60
175Mar. 26th/23TMU – Mattamy8:30am35Blessed SacramentDurham City Chameleons 73
177Mar. 26th/23Queens U9:00am55Kingston ImpactBrampton Warriors 62
178Mar. 26th/23TMU – Mattamy10:30am59Tri-County SoldiersYNBA Avengers 72
179Mar. 26th/23Queens U11:00am33Oakville VytisSBA Lady Blues 53
183Mar. 26th/23Queens U1:00pm43Mississauga MonarchsOttawa Elite 57
186Mar. 26th/23TMU – Mattamy2:30pm69Blessed SacramentNiagara JUEL 80
188Mar. 26th/23Queens U4:00pm 61 Kingston ImpactOakville Vytis47
189Mar. 26th/23TMU – Mattamy4:30pm58Hamilton TranswayDurham City Chameleons 73

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
195Apr. 15th/23Terry Miller10:30amOttawa EliteSBA Lady Blues
198Apr. 15th/23Windsor – Main12:30pmWindsor St. ClairLondon Ramblers
199Apr. 15th/23Windsor – #212:30pmTri-County SoldiersMississauga Monarchs
201Apr. 15th/23Windsor – Main2:30pmNiagara JUELHamilton Transway
203Apr. 15th/23Terry Miller3:30pmOttawa EliteBlessed Sacrament
206Apr. 15th/23Terry Miller5:30pmBrampton WarriorsSBA Lady Blues
207Apr. 15th/23Windsor – Main6:30pmLondon RamblersTri-County Soldiers
210Apr. 15th/23Windsor – Main8:30pmNiagara JUELWindsor St. Clair
211Apr. 15th/23Windsor – #28:30pmMississauga MonarchsHamilton Transway
212Apr. 16th/23Save Max – #18:30amBrampton WarriorsDurham City Chameleons
219Apr. 16th/23Windsor – Main12:30pmHamilton TranswayWindsor St. Clair
220Apr. 16th/23Windsor – #212:30pmMississauga MonarchsNiagara JUEL
221Apr. 16th/23Save Max – #12:30pmSBA Lady BluesDurham City Chameleons
222Apr. 16th/23Save Max – #14:30pmBrampton WarriorsBlessed Sacrament

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
225Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – Main8:30amOakville VytisTri-County Soldiers
229Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – Main10:30amLondon RamblersBlessed Sacrament
232Apr. 29th/23Durham – Main12:30pmDurham City ChameleonsYNBA Avengers
233Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – Main12:30pmBrampton WarriorsWindsor St. Clair
235Apr. 29th/23Ont. Tech – Main2:30pmNiagara JUELOttawa Elite
236Apr. 29th/23Durham – Main2:30pmKingston ImpactMissisauga Monarchs
237Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – Main2:30pmSBA Lady BluesOakville Vytis
241Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – Main4:30pmBlessed SacramentTri-County Soldiers
245Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – Main6:30pmLondon RamblersBrampton Warriors
248Apr. 29th/23Durham – Main8:30pmDurham City ChameleonsNiagara JUEL
249Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – Main8:30pmWindsor St. ClairSBA Lady Blues
253Apr. 30th/23Fanshawe – Main9:30amBrampton WarriorsTri-County Soldiers
254Apr. 30th/23Ont. Tech – Main10:30amHamilton TranswayOttawa Elite
255Apr. 30th/23Durham – Main10:30amKingston ImpactNiagara JUEL
256Apr. 30th/23Fanshawe – Main11:30amWindsor St. ClairBlessed Sacrament
258Apr. 30th/23Ont. Tech – Main12:30pmMississauga MonarchsDurham City Chameleons
260Apr. 30th/23Fanshawe – Main1:30pmSBA Lady BluesLondon Ramblers
264Apr. 30th/23Ont. Tech – Main4:30pmKingston ImpactHamilton Transway
265Apr. 30th/23Durham – Main4:30pmYNBA AvengersNiagara JUEL

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
268May 13th/23Carleton U8:30amBlessed SacramentOttawa Elite
274May 13th/23Laurier12;30pmLondon RamblersMissisauga Monarchs
276May 13th/23Carleton U12;30pmDurham City ChameleonsKingston Impact
278May 13th/23Laurier2:30pmWindsor St. ClairOakville Vytis
279May 13th/23Woodland2:30pmHamilton TranswayTri-County Soldiers
280May 13th/23Carleton U2:30pmBlessed SacramentYNBA Avengers
288May 13th/23Carleton U6:30pmDurham City ChameleonsOttawa Elite
290May 13th/23Laurier8:30pmTri-County SoldiersWindsor St. Clair
292May 13th/23Carleton U8:30pmYNBA AvengersKingston Impact
294May 14th/23Laurier8:30amHamilton TranswayLondon Ramblers
295May 14th/23Woodland8:30amOakville VytisMissisauga Monarchs
296May 14th/23Carleton U8:30amDurham City ChameleonsBlessed Sacrament
298May 14th/23Laurier10:30amSBA Lady BluesNiagara JUEL
299May 14th/23Woodland10:30amWindsor St. ClairBrampton Warriors
304May 14th/23Carleton U12:30pmYNBA AvengersOttawa Elite
306May 14th/23Laurier2:30pmMississauga MonarchsTri-County Soldiers
307May 14th/23Woodland2:30pmOakville VytisLondon Ramblers
308May 14th/23Carleton U2:30pmKingston ImpactBlessed Sacrament
310May 14th/23Laurier4:30pmHamilton TranswaySBA Lady Blues
311May 14th/23Woodland4:30pmNiagara JUELBrampton Warriors

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
5May 26/23Beddis #111:00am#5#10
1May 26/23CGP #111:00am#4#11
6May 26/23Bob Davis1:00pm#1#14
7May 26/23Beddis #11:00pm#2#13
2May 26/23CGP #11:00pm#3#12
3May 26/23CGP #21:00pm#7#9
4May 26/23CGP #41:00pm#6#8
9May 27/23CGP #210:30amLoser Game #4Loser Game #2
12May 27/23CGP #111:30amWinner Game #3Loser Game #5
11May 27/23CGP #412:30pmWinner Game #1Loser Game #3
13May 27/23Bob Davis1:00pmWinner Game #5Loser Game #7
8May 27/23Beddis #11:30pmLoser Game #6Winner Game #4
10May 27/23Beddis #31:30pmWinner Game #2Loser Game #1
18May 27/23Beddis #35:30pmWinner Game #12Winner Game #7
24May 27/23CGP #16:00pmLoser Game #12Loser Game #11
14May 27/23Bob Davis7:00pmWinner Game #6Winner Game #9
17May 27/23Beddis #17:30pmWinner Game #8Winner Game #10
15May 27/23Beddis #37:30pmWinner Game #11Winner Game #13
23May 27/23CGP #18:00pmLoser Game #9Loser Game #10
22May 27/23CGP #48:30pmLoser Game #13Loser Game #8
16May 28/23Bob Davis9:00amWinner Game #14Winner Game #15
19May 28/23Beddis #19:00amWinner Game #17Winner Game #18
25May 28/23Bob Davis11:00amLoser Game #14Loser Game #18
26May 28/23Beddis #111:00amLoser Game #17Loser Game #15
21May 28/23Bob Davis4:00pmWinner Game #16Winner Game #19
20May 28/23Beddis #14:00pmLoser Game #16Loser Game #19

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
X1Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 110:00 am 53 Blessed SacramentEtobicoke Thunder37
X2Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 210:00 am65Niagara JUEL PrepHamilton Transway 68
X3Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 310:30 am 53 Vaughan PanthersMississauga Monarchs51
X4Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 111:30 am33Northern QueensBrampton Warriors 52
X5Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 211:30 am43North Toronto HuskiesOakville Vytis 50
X6Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 312:00 pm20Durham City ChameleonsKW Vipers 76
X7Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 11:00 pm 51 Windsor St. ClairSBA Lady Blues40
X8Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 21:00 pm38London RamblersNepean Blue Devils 53
X9Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 31:30 pm 39 Simcoe Muskoka RoyalsOttawa Elite34
X10Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 12:30 pm35IEM SpartansBlessed Sacrament 40
X11Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 22:30 pm 54 Etobicoke ThunderNiagara JUEL Prep39
X12Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 33:00 pm 69 Hamilton TranswayVaughan Panthers55
X13Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 14:00 pm43Mississauga MonarchsNorthern Queens 54
X14Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 34:30 pm 76 Brampton WarriorsNorth Toronto Huskies46
X15Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 15:30 pm 85 Oakville VytisDurham City Chameleons17
X16Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 25:30 pm43SBA Lady BluesLondon Ramblers 49
X17Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 36:00 pm47Ottawa EliteWindsor St Clair 52
X18Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 17:00 pm 74 KW VipersIEM Spartans35
X19Dec. 3rd/22Hillfield # 27:00 pm45Nepean Blue DevilsSimcoe Muskoka Royals 64
X20Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 18:30 am 50 Blessed SacramentMississauga Monarchs27
X21Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 38:30 am 37 Ottawa EliteNiagara JUEL Prep35
X22Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 29:00 am 58 Nepean Blue DevilsWindsor St Clair51
X23Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 110:00 am 57 Simcoe Muskoka RoyalsLondon Ramblers50
X24Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 310:00 am 42 Vaughan PanthersSBA Lady Blues28
X25Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 210:30 am 47 Etobicoke ThunderIEM Spartans40
X26Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 111:30 am50Brampton WarriorsKW Vipers 85
X27Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 311:30 am46Northern QueensOakville Vytis 56
X28Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 212:00 pm 51 North Toronto HuskiesDurham City Chameleons37
X29Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 11:00 pm 66 Hamilton TranswayOttawa Elite34
X30Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 31:00 pm25Niagara JUEL PrepBlessed Sacrament 58
X31Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 21:30 pm49Mississauga MonarchsNepean Blue Devils 57
X32Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 12:30 pm37Windsor St ClairSimcoe Muskoka Royals 51
X33Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 32:30 pm 53 London RamblersVaughan Panthers41
X34Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 23:00 pm 40 SBA Lady BluesEtobicoke Thunder34
X35Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 34:00 pm 64 Oakville VytisBrampton Warriors59
X36Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 24:30 pm43Durham City ChameleonsNorthern Queens 49
X37Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 15:30 pm43IEM SpartansHamilton Transway 72
X38Dec. 4th/22Hillfield # 35:30 pm 80 KW VipersNorth Toronto Huskies29

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
1Dec. 17th/22Humber #18:30am 79 Durham City ChameleonsEtobicoke Thunder62
2Dec. 17th/22Humber #28:30am 55 Northern QueensSBA Lady Blues46
3Dec. 17th/22Save Max #19:30am 74 North Toronto HuskiesHamilton Transway49
4Dec. 17th/22Save Max #29:30am42Niagara JUEL PrepBrampton Warriors 80
5Dec. 17th/22Save Max #39:30am 64 Oakville VytisBlessed Sacrament51
6Dec. 17th/22Humber #110:30am 63 Mississauga MonarchsNepean Blue Devils57
7Dec. 17th/22Humber #210:30am32Vaughan PanthersOttawa Elite 63
8Dec. 17th/22Save Max #311:30am 86 KW VipersSimcoe Muskoka Royals52
9Dec. 17th/22Humber #12:30pm50SBA Lady BluesDurham City Chemeleons 76
10Dec. 17th/22Save Max #32:30pm 56 Blessed SacramentWindsor St. Clair46
11Dec. 17th/22Save Max #23:30pm 68 Brampton WarriorsIEM Spartans52
12Dec. 17th/22Humber #14:30pm64Etobicoke ThunderNepean Blue Devils 70
13Dec. 17th/22Humber #24:30pm45Ottawa EliteNorth Toronto Huskies 62
14Dec. 17th/22Save Max #34:30pm 114 KW VipersNorthern Queens39
15Dec. 17th/22Save Max #25:30pm 71 Oakville VytisNiagara JUEL Prep47
16Dec. 17th/22Humber #16:30pm51Vaughan PanthersHamilton Transway 62
17Dec. 17th/22Save Max #18:30pm 57 Windsor St. ClairIEM Spartans53
18Dec. 18th/22Humber #18:30am 81 Durham City ChameleonsHamilton Transway54
19Dec. 18th/22Humber #28:30am51Etobicoke ThunderOakville Vytis 63
20Dec. 18th/22Save Max #18:30am42Ottawa EliteBrampton Warriors 79
21Dec. 18th/22Save Max #28:30am75Northern QueensSimcoe Muskoka Royals 80
22Dec. 18th/22Humber #210:30am58Nepean Blue DevilsKW Wipers 95
23Dec. 18th/22Save Max #110:30am 68 Mississauga MonarchsLondon Ramblers47
24Dec. 18th/22Save Max #212:30pm49Windsor St. ClairVaughan Panthers 53
25Dec. 18th/22Humber #12:30pm 56 Oakville VytisDurham City Chemeleons54
26Dec. 18th/22Save Max #12:30pm53Niagara JUEL PrepNorthern Queens 85
27Dec. 18th/22Save Max #22:30pm 72 Blessed SacramentSimcoe Muskoka Royals62
28Dec. 18th/22Humber #24:30pm54Mississauga MonarchsNorth Toronto Huskies 74
29Dec. 18th/22Save Max #14:30pm 55 IEM SpartansLondon Ramblers52

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
30Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #18:30am 62 North Toronto HuskiesVaughan Panthers58
31Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #28:30am58Northern QueensIEM Spartans 62
32Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #110:30am55Etobicoke ThunderSBA Lady Blues 60
33Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #210:30am62Brampton WarriorsOakville Vytis 64
34Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #112:30pm 53 Blessed SacramentJump Thru Hoops48
36Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #12:30pm48Hamilton TranswayIEM Spartans 75
39Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #24:30pm 61 Northern QueensNorth Toronto Huskies42
40Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #16:30pm67SBA Lady BluesVaughan Panthers 68
42Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #18:30pm 84 Oakville VytisHamilton Transway45
43Jan. 7th/23Fieldhouse #28:30pm 77 Jump Thru HoopsEtobicoke Thunder66
44Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #18:30am 75 Brampton WarriorsVaughan Panthers46
47Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #110:30am 71 Hamilton TranswayEtobicoke Thunder70
48Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #210:30am51Blessed SacramentNorthern Queens 64
50Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #112:30pm44North Toronto HuskiesSBA Lady Blues 57
51Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #212:30pm61Jump Thru HoopsIEM Spartans 71
52Jan. 8th/23York – Main12:30pm 56 Simcoe Muskoka RoyalsOakville Vytis55
55Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #23:30pm63Northern QueensBrampton Warriors 69
56Jan. 8th/23Fieldhouse #14:30pm 78 Blessed SacramentEtobicoke Thunder34

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
77Feb 5th/23ND – Belcastro1:30pm 72 Blessed SacramentNiagara JUEL Prep40

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
80Feb. 18th/23Terry Miller8:30am 76 Jump Thru HoopsQueens of the North74
82Feb. 18th/23Silverthorne9:30am44Blessed SacramentKW Wipers 100
84Feb. 18th/23Cassie Campbell10:30am54Hamilton TranswayBrampton Warriors 107
88Feb. 18th/23Cassie Campbell12:30pm31Ottawa EliteSimcoe Muskoka Royals 57
90Feb. 18th/23Silverthorne1:30pm58Niagara JUEL PrepIEM Spartans 83
92Feb. 18th/23Cassie Campbell2:30pm65Windsor St. ClairNepean Blue Devils 84
94Feb. 18th/23Silverthorne3:30pm56North Toronto HuskiesKW Wipers 96
96Feb. 18th/23Cassie Campbell4:30pm60Hamilton TranswayQueens of the North 70
98Feb. 18th/23Silverthorne5:30pm 64 Oakville VytisVaughan Panthers57
100Feb. 18th/23Cassie Campbell6:30pm39Ottawa EliteSBA Lady Blues 64
102Feb. 18th/23Silverthorne7:30pm48Niagara JUEL PrepEtobicoke Thunder 77
103Feb. 18th/23Terry Miller8:30pm 73 Durham City ChameleonsSimcoe Muskoka Royals60
104Feb. 18th/23Cassie Campbell8:30pm50Windsor St. ClairNorth Toronto Huskies 79
106Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #18:30am33Ottawa EliteOakville Vytis 74
110Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #210:30am53London RamblersNepean Blue Devils 72
111Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #310:30am50Windsor St. ClairBrampton Warriors 86
112Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #112:30pm52SBA Lady BluesHamilton Transway 58
113Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #212:30pm58Niagara JUEL PrepNorth Toronto Huskies 85
115Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #12:30pm 78 KW VipersOttawa Elite30
118Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #14:30pm59Vaughan PanthersJump Thru Hoops 70
120Feb. 19th/23Save Max – #34:30pm63Etobicoke ThunderLondon Ramblers 72

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
121Mar. 4th/23ND – Dillon8:30am66Hamilton TranswayNiagara JUEL Prep 68
122Mar. 4th/23ND – Belcastro8:30am
Durham City ChameleonsKW Wipers
128Mar. 4th/23ND – Belcastro2:30pm
Vaughan PanthersNiagara JUEL Prep
130Mar. 4th/23ND – Belcastro4:30pm
Durham City ChameleonsWindsor St. Clair
134Mar. 4th/23ND – Belcastro8:30pm
Ottawa EliteLondon Ramblers
137Mar. 5th/23ND – Belcastro10:30am55London RamblersDurham City Chameleons 61
139Mar. 5th/23ND – Belcastro12:30pm
Ottawa EliteWindsor St. Clair
142Mar. 5th/23ND – Dillon4:30pm62Durham City ChameleonsNiagara JUEL Prep 63

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
144Mar. 25th/23TMU – Mattamy8:30am 61 Nepean Blue DevilsHamilton Transway57
145Mar. 25th/23Terry Miller8:30am 104 KW VipersEtobicoke Thunder47
146Mar. 25th/23Cassie Campbell9:30am 71 IEM SpartansSBA Lady Blues70
148Mar. 25th/23TMU – Mattamy10:30am 57 Durham City ChameleonsOttawa Elite39
150Mar. 25th/23Terry Miller10:30am 80 Brampton WarriorsNorth Toronto Huskies68
151Mar. 25th/23Cassie Campbell11:30am 67 Oakville VytisJump Thru Hoops59
155Mar. 25th/23Terry Miller12:30pm 61 Queens of the NorthLondon Ramblers53
156Mar. 25th/23Cassie Campbell1:30pm 69 Simcoe Muskoka RoyalsVaughan Panthers49
158Mar. 25th/23TMU – Mattamy2:30pm 61 Nepean Blue DevilsBlessed Sacrament59
159Mar. 25th/23Terry Miller2:30pm 58 Windsor St. ClairEtobicoke Thunder56
160Mar. 25th/23TMU – Kerr3:30pm 65 Hamilton TranswayOttawa Elite45
161Mar. 25th/23Cassie Campbell3:30pm 109 KW VipersIEM Spartans43
163Mar. 25th/23Terry Miller4:30pm71SBA Lady BluesJump Thru Hoops 90
166Mar. 25th/23Cassie Campbell5:30pm41North Toronto HuskiesOakville Vytis 63
168Mar. 25th/23Terry Miller6:30pm53Simcoe Muskoka RoyalsBrampton Warriors 73
170Mar. 25th/23TMU – Kerr7:30pm 62 Durham City ChameleonsBlessed Sacrament47
171Mar. 25th/23Cassie Campbell7:30pm54London RamblersVaughan Panthers 58
173Mar. 25th/23Terry Miller8:30pm 61 Queens of the NorthWindsor St. Clair47
176Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #18:30am49London RamblersNorth Toronto Huskies 80
122Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #28:30am39Durham City ChameleonsKW Vipers 84
139Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #110:30am48Ottawa EliteWindsor St. Clair 65
128Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #210:30am 64 Vaughan PanthersNiagara JUEL Prep40
180Mar. 26th/23Jim Archdekin11:30am70Blessed SacramentHamilton Transway 72
181Mar. 26th/23TMU – Mattamy12:30pm 65 Nepean Blue DevilsSBA Lady Blues55
182Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #212:30pm26IEM SpartansOakville Vytis 62
184Mar. 26th/23Jim Archdekin1:30pm 70 Simcoe Muskoka RoyalsNorth Toronto Huskies58
185Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #11:30pm 82 Brampton WarriorsEtobicoke Thunder46
187Mar. 26th/23Jim Archdekin3:30pm55Vaughan PanthersKW Vipers 85
134Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #13:30pm52Ottawa EliteLondon Ramblers 69
130Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #23:30pm 64 Durham City ChameleonsWindsor St. Clair51
190Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #15:30pm67Queens of the NorthOakville Vytis 91
191Mar. 26th/23Save Max – #25:30pm 51 IEM SpartansBlessed Sacrament36

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
192Apr. 15th/23Terry Miller8:30amIEM SpartansNorth Toronto Huskies
193Apr. 15th/23Windsor – Main8:30amHamilton TranswayWindsor St. Clair
194Apr. 15th/23Windsor – #28:30amKW VipersLondon Ramblers
196Apr. 15th/23Windsor – Main10:30amSBA Lady BluesNiagara JUEL Prep
197Apr. 15th/23Windsor – #210:30amJump Thru HoopsSimcoe Muskoka Royals
200Apr. 15th/23Terry Miller1:30pmNepean Blue DevilsNorth Toronto Huskies
202Apr. 15th/23Windsor – #22:30pmHamilton TranswayLondon Ramblers
204Apr. 15th/23Windsor – Main4:30pmWindsor St. ClairSBA Lady Blues
205Apr. 15th/23Windsor – #24:30pmKW VipersJump Thru Hoops
208Apr. 15th/23Windsor – #26:30pmNiagara JUEL PrepSimcoe Muskoka Royals
209Apr. 15th/23Terry Miller7:30pmBrampton WarriorsNepean Blue Devils
213Apr. 16th/23Windsor – Main8:30amJump Thru HoopsWindsor St. Clair
214Apr. 16th/23Windsor – #28:30amLondon RamblersSBA Lady Blues
215Apr. 16th/23Save Max – #110:30amNepean Blue DevilsVaughan Panthers
216Apr. 16th/23Windsor – Main10:30amKW VipersNiagara JUEL Prep
217Apr. 16th/23Windsor – #210:30amHamilton TranswaySimcoe Muskoka Royals
218Apr. 16th/23Save Max – #112:30pmDurham City ChameleonsBrampton Warriors

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
223Apr. 29th/23Ont. Tech – Main8:30amDurham City ChameleonsQueens of the North
224Apr. 29th/23Durham – Main8:30amIEM SpartansVaughan Panthers
226Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – #28:30amWindsor St. ClairLondon Ramblers
227Apr. 29th/23Ont. Tech – Main10:30amSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsEtobicoke Thunder
228Apr. 29th/23Durham – Main10:30amNiagara JUEL PrepNepean Blue Devils
230Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – #210:30amOakville VytisKW Vipers
231Apr. 29th/23Ont. Tech – Main12:30pmJump Thru HoopsOttawa Elite
234Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – #212:30pmSBA Lady BluesBlessed Sacrament
238Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – #22:30pmBrampton WarriorsLondon Ramblers
239Apr. 29th/23Ont. Tech – Main4:30pmVaughan PanthersDurham City Chameleons
240Apr. 29th/23Durham – Main4:30pmQueens of the NorthNepean Blue Devils
242Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – #24:30pmWindsor St. ClairOakville Vytis
243Apr. 29th/23Ont. Tech – Main6:30pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsIEM Spartans
244Apr. 29th/23Durham – Main6:30pmNiagara JUEL PrepJump Thru Hoops
246Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – #26:30pmSBA Lady BluesKW Vipers
247Apr. 29th/23Ont. Tech – Main8:30pmOttawa EliteEtobicoke Thunder
250Apr. 29th/23Fanshawe – #28:30pmBlessed SacramentBrampton Warriors
251Apr. 30th/23Ont. Tech – Main8:30amNepean Blue DevilsOakville Vytis
252Apr. 30th/23Durham – Main8:30amDurham City ChameleonsJump Thru Hoops
257Apr. 30th/23Fanshawe – #211:30amBrampton WarriorsSBA Lady Blues
259Apr. 30th/23Durham – Main12:30pmNiagara JUEL PrepOttawa Elite
261Apr. 30th/23Fanshawe – #21:30pmLondon RamblersBlessed Sacrament
262Apr. 30th/23Ont. Tech – Main2:30pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsNepean Blue Devils
263Apr. 30th/23Durham – Main2:30pmEtobicoke ThunderIEM Spartans

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
266May 13th/23Laurier – Main8:30amKW VipersHamilton Transway
267May 13th/23Woodland8:30amJump Thru HoopsBrampton Warriors
269May 13th/23Algonquin8:30amIEM SpartansNepean Blue Devils
270May 13th/23Laurier – Main10:30amNiagara JUEL PrepLondon Ramblers
271May 13th/23Woodland10:30amOakville VytisSBA Lady Blues
272May 13th/23Carleton U10:30amEtobicoke ThunderVaughan Panthers
273May 13th/23Algonquin10:30amOttawa EliteQueens of the North
275May 13th/23Woodland12:30pmWindsor St. ClairSimcoe Muskoka Royals
277May 13th/23Algonquin12:30pmNorth Toronto HuskiesBlessed Sacrament
281May 13th/23Algonquin2:30pmNepean Blue DevilsDurham City Chameleons
282May 13th/23Laurier – Main4:30pmKW VipersBrampton Warriors
283May 13th/23Woodland4:30pmHamilton TranswayJump Thru Hoops
284May 13th/23Carleton U4:30pmQueens of the NorthEtobicoke Thunder
285May 13th/23Algonquin4:30pmOttawa EliteIEM Spartans
286May 13th/23Laurier – Main6:30pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsSBA Lady Blues
287May 13th/23Woodland6:30pmNiagara JUEL PrepWindsor St. Clair
289May 13th/23Algonquin6:30pmVaughan PanthersBlessed Sacrament
291May 13th/23Woodland8:30pmLondon RamblersOakville Vytis
293May 13th/23Algonquin8:30pmNorth Toronto HuskiesDurham City Chameleons
297May 14th/23Algonquin8:30amBlessed SacramentOttawa Elite
300May 14th/23Carleton U10:30amIEM SpartansDurham City Chameleons
301May 14th/23Algonquin10:30amEtobicoke ThunderNorth Toronto Huskies
302May 14th/23Laurier – Main12:30pmKW VipersWindsor St. Clair
303May 14th/23Woodland12:30pmSimcoe Muskoka RoyalsLondon Ramblers
305May 14th/23Algonquin12:30pmVaughan PanthersQueens of the North
309May 14th/23Algonquin2:30pmOttawa EliteNepean Blue Devils

Game #DateLocationTimeScoreHomeAwayScore
27May 26/23Bob Davis9:00am#6#11
28May 26/23Beddis #19:00am#7#10
29May 26/23CGP #19:00am#14#19
30May 26/23CGP #29:00am#15#18
31May 26/23CGP #49:00am#16#17
32May 26/23Bob Davis11:00am#8#9
33May 26/23CGP #211:00am#4#13
34May 26/23CGP #411:00am#5#12
35May 26/23Bob Davis3:00pm#1Winner Game #31
36May 26/23Beddis #13:00pm#2Winner Game #30
37May 26/23CGP #13:00pm#3Winner Game #29
38May 27/23CGP #48:30am#3#11
39May 27/23Bob Davis9:00am#4#12
40May 27/23CGP #19:00am#7Winner Game #30
41May 27/23Beddis #19:30am#5#13
42May 27/23Beddis #39:30am#6Winner Game #29
43May 27/23Bob Davis11:00am#2#10
44May 27/23CGP #111:00am#8Winner Game #31
45May 27/23Beddis #111:30am#1#9
46May 27/23CGP #11:00pmPlay-in 2nd. Lowest SeedPlay-in Lowest Seed
47May 27/23CGP #42:30pm#4#5
48May 27/23Bob Davis3:00pm#3#6
49May 27/23Beddis #13:30pm#11Winner Game #29
50May 27/23Beddis #33:30pm#12#13
51May 27/23CGP #14:00pm#10Winner Game #30
52May 27/23CGP #44:30pm#2#7
53May 27/23Bob Davis5:00pm#1#8
54May 27/23Beddis #15:30pm#9Winner Game #31
55May 27/23CGP #46:30pmPlay-in Highest SeedWinner Game #46
56May 28/23Beddis #29:00am1st. Place Pool A1st. Place Pool D
57May 28/23CGP #19:00am1st. Place Pool B1st. Place Pool C
58May 28/23Bob Davis2:00pmWinner Game #56Winner Game #57
59May 28/23Beddis #12:00pmLoser Game #56Loser Game #57