JUEL believes that we have some of the best coaches in the country, but at times they have no choice and must coach several teams. This makes it very difficult to provide their JUEL Prep players with the highest level of coaching commitment. JUEL is asking for more from our coaches in 2019, it is strongly recommended that JUEL/JUEL Prep Head Coaches do not coach another team during the season (February-May). 

It’s very important to understand that JUEL/JUEL Prep isn’t just for the Players; we’re also helping develop strong Coaches. In fact, former JUEL/JUEL Prep Coaches are currently coaching at the next level. The League Office recognizes the importance of College and University Coaches and their role as mentors. In many cases Franchises will invite College and University Coaches to help with the tryout and selection process. JUEL believes in the importance of our Coaches, Players and their parents having direct access to the Canadian Coaches from the next level, but also recognizes there must be a clear divide and transparency.

  • College and/or University Head Coaches cannot be on any JUEL/JUEL Prep Coaching Staffs.
  • College and/or University Assistant Coaches are allowed on the Coaching Staff.    

Game Officials

Along with the Players, Coaches and Parents, Game Officials are an integral part of competition. JUEL has a responsibility to work with all Game Officials in an effort to contribute to their development as well. A stronger working relationship will continue to be a priority. 

JUEL will seek to engage the best Officials in Ontario to ensure that the competitive standards remain as high as possible. Further, JUEL will assist in the development of less experienced Officials who seek opportunities for professional growth and who may aspire to officiate at a CIS, OCAA or other elite levels. JUEL recognizes the fundamental importance of strong and committed Officials to its success. As with committed coaches and players, game Officials play a significant role in the development of basketball. JUEL knows that at heart, a good official is proud of their individual and collective contributions to our sport.

Additional Exposure

JUEL/JUEL Prep teams are strongly encouraged to travel to the US during the April viewing period. JUEL provides great exposure to OUA and OCAA schools during the season, but to keep players in our league the expectation is that Players get maximum opportunities. JUEL/JUEL Prep teams can no longer just run programs from January to May and expect to keep their players. Any teams not providing maximum services and opportunities will be hard pressed to compete year-after-year.

The Women’s game in many cases is an afterthought or a distant second to the Men’s game with respect to investors. Sponsors or investors for some reason have rarely seen the value of investing in Women’s basketball. 

JUEL is taking a different approach.  We’ll continue to ask Corporations for sponsorship or donations, as well, we’re asking the thousands of former Athletes, Coaches and Parents of former Athletes to consider giving back. Almost 2000 Coaches and Student Athletes have chosen to be part of JUEL over the past 9 years. All of these people have seen firsthand the value and opportunities JUEL has provided them. Some of our former Athletes and Coaches are still directly involved in basketball; others have used the game to get a great education and now are working professionals. Many former Student Athletes remember the financial struggles they faced and may be in a position to give back to the next generation.

The JUEL Scholarship Fund has 4 dynamics, all designed to help our current Student Athletes on and off the court.  All donations should be emailed to or mailed to the League Office at 4 Safari Court, Brampton, Ontario, L7A 1G8. Please note that JUEL is operated by the Canadian Basketball Alliance (not-for-profit Corporation), a receipt will be provided for all donations, but isn’t tax refundable.

General Donation

  • Donations will go directly into a fund to assist with partial or full JUEL/JUEL Prep Player fees for the current season (subject to Scholarship Fund qualifications).

Academic Donation

  • Donations will be allocated to individual Student Athletes requesting financial assistance for some College or University fees (subject to Scholarship Fund qualifications).

Team Donation

  • Donations will be credited to a specific Team to help with fees for the current season (subject to Scholarship Fund qualifications).

Player Donation

  • Donations will be credited to a specific Player to help with fees for the current season (subject to Scholarship Fund qualifications).

As always we appreciate all donations and feel it’s important that donors are recognized for their kind contributions. Not only are they giving back and helping the current Student Athletes, but they’re JUEL alumni who have set the bar for the next generation. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, but specific amounts come with the gifts listed below:

  • $50.00 – JUEL or Inspirational t-shirt, donor’s name posted on the JUEL site (amount will only be posted if approved by donor)
  • $100.00 – JUEL Hoodie, donor’s name posted on the JUEL site (amount will only be posted if approved by donor)
  • $250.00 – Personalized Skate Board Deck, donor’s name posted on the JUEL site (amount will only be posted if approved by donor)
  • $500.00+ – Personalized Skate Board Deck, JUEL or Inspirational t-shirt, Hoodie, donor’s name will be posted on the JUEL site as a donor and partner (amount will only be posted if approved by the donor)