The JUEL of Ontario; Canada's first and longest running Provincial Basketball League is entering its next stage of development "our second 5". Over the past 5 seasons the league has made strides in improving the women's game across Canada while graduating over 75% of our seniors. Graduates aren't just finding roster spots at the next level, they're stepping into important roster roles and contributing from day 1.

The facts are clear, Players looking to play at the next level are using JUEL as their vehicle. Regular practices with/against the best players in their Region along with games against the best players in the Province have proven to be a recipe for success. JUEL's relationship with the CIS, OCAA, Team Ontario and Canada Basketball has provided our Players with the best exposure and opportunities for Basketball/Academic choices. Although many JUEL Players have received NCAA Scholarships over the past 5 years, this was done partially through other media outlets. This has now become another service provided by JUEL to our players. JUEL applied and has received NCAA approval as a Recruiting Service and has a team in place to evaluate all of our players.

Graduates aren't just succeeding on the court, but off the court as well. Every year Players submit, are evaluated and winners are selected for the Dunbar Medical Community Service and Molten All-Academic Awards. The Awards are part of our annual Banquet where we honour all of the hard work done during the season.

JUEL is very proud of the work done in partnership with OUA Schools and will continue to work towards hosting most if not all of our games on College and University floors. We're also proud of working with the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) since our first game on December 11, 2010. Both JUEL and JUEL Prep teams play 19 regular season 40 minute games over 7 weekends before the Championship Tournament. In discussions with Canada Basketball, JUEL eliminated 4th game so our players get optimal recovery time over 2-day weekends.

As a Provincial League everyone has to play a role in our success. JUEL hosts centralized weekends so teams don't have to travel more than 5.5 hours across the Province. More importantly we host weekends in Ottawa, Kingston, Niagara Falls, Barrie, North Bay, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Windsor to balance travel and costs for all of our franchises.

Part of the initial plan for JUEL was to allow all of our players the opportunity to attend and play at their local High School during each fall, these are said to be the "best years of your life". With this in mind Basketball doesn't become the only focus on a young women's life, they still get the opportunity to be with their non-basketball friends and close to their families helping them become well-rounded. The Women's game is fortunate that the majority of players are able to excel on the court as well as in the classroom, this is why Regional teams are so successful. They provide the opportunity for each player to represent their Region as part of a stronger group while staying at home.

Players generally want strong Coaching, develop their game so they're ready to step into a role at the next level, practice and compete against the best and give themselves the best exposure. JUEL has provided this since our first game and will continue to do so for a long time.

"The Junior Elite League of Ontario was conceived with the purpose of providing Ontario girls basketball players the best possible environment in which to advance their skills to better prepare them for the jump to the University/College game. What has been impressive over the first five years of the league is the passion to constantly improve the league, to ensure the athlete's receive the best possible experience. Alterations in the number of teams, the number of games, and the acquisition of top notch facilities, primarily through the fostering of relationships with Colleges and Universities, have all served to enhance the experience for the players. Expanding the focus from basketball to include academic awards and community service awards has provided a broader, well-rounded approach to the player's development. I look forward to the evolution of the next five years."

Dave Wilson - Queen's University

2016 JUEL/JUEL Prep Weekends

  • January 9-10
  • February 6-7
  • February 20-21
  • March 5-6
  • April 2-3
  • April 16-17
  • April 30-May 1
  • May 13-15 - League Tournament - Queen's University
  • May 28 - JUEL/JUEL Prep All-Star Games - Humber College

2016 Holidays/Important dates

  • January 1 - New Year's Day
  • February 15 - Family Day
  • March 14-18 - March Break
  • March 25-28 - Easter
  • April 15-17 - NCAA Spring Live Period
  • May 8 - Mother's Day
  • May 23 - Victoria Day

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